Best Socks!

Oulaf Fredrikson

“just great socks”

What we offer

Only the best combination of quality and technology in a pair of socks 

Active Echo

Made of the most organic string with Active Eco technology fiber

For Office

Most wonderful for the daily office warrior

The goods

These socks like no other…

  • All styles
  • Couples
  • Personal
  • Xtreme

What People Say

You know it’s Oulaf’s once you put them

How are great socks made?

The highest quality materials combined with the most advanced textile technology

It all starts with bamboo
The Yarn

Oulaf's Team

Meet our crew

Vera Stoff
Nikodem Kramer
Clive Mccormick

Are You Ready for

best socks you ever had?

feel the difference – by Oulaf Fredrikson

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Fast and easy

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